Refund and Returns Policy


Refunds will be returned to your credit card or back to the method of payment. Checks will be refunded by check. Credit cards or 3rd-Party Payment processors will be refunded back to your account. If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank/online payment account. Then contact us or your credit card company. It may take 3-5 business days for the refund to post. If you have not received a refund within the allotted time, please contact us at [email protected].

If materials are damaged by the common carrier, such as UPS/FedEx or other carriers, we can not ship out more goods unless another order is placed. You are not required to order a replacement, but in order for us to reorder goods on your behalf, we first must have confirmation from the carrier that the package(s) were damaged prior to or at the time of delivery. In the event the material is damaged during the 1st delivery attempt. We reserve the right to refuse a re-shipment and may require that the material(s) be picked up from the nearest distribution warehouse. If the ability to pick up goods is not feasible, we will issue a refund on the original order. Refunds typically are credited within 10 days but can take up 30 days if proof of damage is not properly reported. If materials are delivered and received as damaged, we can issue a credit for damaged goods, replace damaged material, or return all damaged / defective products. If damage is not reported at the time of delivery and properly documented, the claim will be denied. If another person is receiving materials for you, we ask that you inform them to inspect the packaging and take photos if any kind of damage appears to exist. As agreed, we can only issue a claim with the shipping carrier if there is proof that damage occurred during the shipment. Special order items cannot be canceled or returned. No refunds will be provided if a special order is no longer needed. Any item that is cut, like sheet vinyl, linoleum rolls, or carpet tile, can not be returned under any circumstance.


We are not liable for improper installation methods. No refunds will be provided for improper installation. If installed correctly and there are still issues with the floor not caused by the installer, we will coordinate with the manufacturer to have a claim submitted for the replacement of the floor. In this event, it is your responsibility to hire a local inspector. We do not provide replacement products or cover the re-installation of a product without approval from the manufacturer. In the event of a manufacturer defect or faulty material we will require an inspection to occur unless photo, video or other documentation is provided to prove that the material is deemed defective. In some areas a representative of the manufacturer will go on-site to review or a distributor may be able to determine the quality of the product upon a return. Once the inspection has been completed, please email to [email protected]. Once the claim has been reviewed it will either get accepted full, partial or none. If denied an explanation is usually provided that will look at both the likelihood that installation procedures were not followed such as improper acclimations, incorrect floor prepping or a poor sub-floor. Floor City does not assume any liability for financial, physical, or emotional damages caused by issues with the floor covering installation. We act as a 3rd party sub-distributor of materials and the quality of the goods sold are approved by both the manufacturer and distributor. As a flooring dealer we do our best to make sure that we always put the customer first; however we can not take responsibility for the quality of materials or installation. The products we sell are premium; thus we have very few claims and usually find a resolution that will benefit all parties involved. Call or email us today if you have a potential claim to discuss.